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Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Now taking orders for Come Home

Occultation Recordings are now accepting orders for the Distractions Come Home 12" EP and expect to have the vinyl next week (i.e. the first week of November).  There's information on the release on the main Come Home page, previews of all three tracks are available here and you can place your orders in the Occultation Shop.  There are various improvements to the ordering system, some you'll notice, some you may not, but it should now be cheaper to purchase multiple items. 

YMIR7DA008 is also the first Occultation release to come with something extra, a collaboration between the label and the Your Heart Out and Unpopular websites called etc.  We'll leave you to discover what it's all about as each of the zips of MP3 files (free for all vinyl and promo/special edition orders) comes with one of these absolutely free.  There will be more to come about this project...

Meanwhile, those of you who've signed up to The Distractions newsletter will have had the news: 

Distracting News

29th October 2010

This just in from Occultation:

"It is with enormous pride that Occultation Recordings announce pre-ordering for the forthcoming Distractions Come Home 12" EP.  We expect to have them next week.  There are three ways to buy:

1) Limited 12"+CD edition, introductory price: £10+P&P

2) Vinyl-only version: £7.50+P&P

3) As part of a Package with other Occultation releases

If you're interested in a combination of our releases not shown on the Packages page, please contact us.  As always, you'll be e-mailed a link to free 320k MP3s with vinyl orders.  MP3s can be purchased separately here but we recommend the vinyl, cut from a higher-resolution source, and the 12"+CD is a bargain.
YMIR7DA008, the Come Home EP, was recorded in Liverpool in June 2010 by a line-up featuring original members Mike Finney and Steve Perrin, another former Distraction, Nick Garside, plus Nick Halliwell of Occultation label-mates The Granite Shore and drummer Stuart Mann.  Richard Turvey of The Wild Swans engineered the session, playing piano and organ.

The 12" single will come in a special UV spot-varnished sleeve and the limited promo CDs are professionally replicated and in special vinyl-replica style wallets.

Early in 2011 we plan to release the first compilation of Distractions recordings, featuring the band's first EP, both sides of the classic Factory single Time Goes By So Slow b/w Pillow Fight and more of the fabled mid-90s recordings.  There are also plans for the band's first new album since 1980's Nobody's Perfect."
Obviously this is very exciting news - the first new Distractions recordings made since the mid-1990s and the second EP in as many months.  If you've not yet bought Black Velvet, Occultation are offering a couple of special deals on their Promos page, allowing you to buy the limited 12"+CD version of Come Home, the limited promo CD version of the previous EP and/or The Granite Shore's Flood of fortune 7"+CD.  A number of other special deals are also available in the label's Shop.

We hope to have more news of the Nothing compilation album over the coming weeks.


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