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the official distractions website

Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The most outstanding group

More from the City Fun archives at the Manchester District Music Archive. This review of the City Fun benefit gig at the Band On The Wall includes the Liggers, Jon The Postman and the Accelerators, with the highlight being The Distractions, of course.


Right, for a start, it was a 'reet night out' 70p. The spirit of '76 is back (I welcome it with open arms). I got in for nowt. First on were the Liggers, an all-girl group (Gina, Donna and Patty) they were fantastic. They only did three tracks, I enjoyed 'The Sadistic Doris Day'. The last one wasn't very good, with practice they'll be something.

The Distractions were next, well, what can I say except these boys are probably the best Manchester band I've ever seen. Good tunes and lyrics, confidence at times even funny, people danced, they have developed considerably since the first time I saw them. Not much I can really say. An encore speaks for itself.

Jon took the stage. Jon The Postman was billed top of the gig. He shouldn't have been. He wasn't bad but he certainly wasn't good. This was the first time I've seen this guy. I must admit I enjoyed 'Louie Louie'. He didn't do enough, it seems ill-rehearsed (is this his way of not conforming?). I'd go to see him again though.

The Accelerators were the final group. This Liverpool band certainly get around a bit. They are together, tight and fast. The reggae was good, and the song about the radio was good, but the one about the pop star was outstanding, people danced.

City Fun had a good night out, so did I. The Distractions were the most outstanding group. I like the Manchester scene (if this is typical). Hope to see Jon The Postman again. I liked Donna of the Liggers. Ta pal, that's all folks. Oh, thanks to Andy Blade (of  eater for a lift down to Manchester).



Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Parabolically Yours (almost)

The months of deep-archive research have borne fruit; all of The Distractions key masters have been located. However, using the same methodology as for any HiddenMasters project, the complete audio-database also includes live recordings; demos, outtakes, different mixes and radio sessions – some of which only now exist on DAT, cassette or virgin vinyl.

HiddenMasters have just completed the digitisation process of all found (at FX with Richard Whittaker as chief engineer) and will shortly be embarking on the song selection process in collaboration with Mike Finney and Steve Perrin.

The forthcoming set is entitled Parabolically Yours and will not only include historic Distractions recordings but bring the story totally up to date by featuring more recent material (as well as some prime cuts from the band’s sold out shows in Salford during 2013).

Parabolically Yours will be presented in a 12″ hard back, casebound book format (100+ pages – with text drawn from extensive interviews with the key people involved in the story of The Distractions – edited by David Quantick). It will be issued as a limited 1st edition of just 500 copies worldwide.

Further details – including the full track listing and pre-ordering details – will be announced shortly.


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