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Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City Fun review

From the Manchester fanzine City Fun comes this review of Nobody's Perfect in an article entitled "Yang and Ying", where the counterpoint is the form of a rather scathing article on The Distractions (to come)!  Thanks as ever to Mike Noon at the Manchester District Music Archive this.

(c) Mike Noon at the Manchester District Music Archive.

THE DISTRACTIONS - Nobody's Perfect (Island)

The title could well be a reference to they with whom The Distractions attract most frequent comparison - the Undertones of the perfect band status and the Buzzcocks perfect singles band.  Which brings me neatly round to the "Modern romantic" tag ostentatiously applied to segregate certain bands from the moniker could equally apply.  Not that the public have been readily manipulated in this instance as they still await Distractions tunes blaring from the radio at frequent intervals as the Korgis or even the dreaded Motors are.

That The Distractions have failed so far proves that they are hardly the most industrious band around, indeed I find the lack of unforseen occurrences on this album of greater disappointment then the vigilant production.

But for now it can be stated that "Nobody's Perfect" is their ultimate, abruptly serving the past from all future events whilst presenting a clear indication of their considerate abilities at crafting sings of varying lengths and paces.

Of course potential does not always equal accomplishment and whereas "Something For The Weekend" and "Paracetamol Paralysis" have been sufficiently harnessed/preserved, "Waiting For Lorraine" and "Still It Doesn't Ring" are a shade lack-lustre particularly compared the kaleidoscopic mix of guitar and keyboards employed on someone else's song "Boys Cry".

The remainder of the album drifts leisurely in and out of such focus, Mike Finney's gifted vocalism being the most consistently sharp factor.

That "Valerie" appears as an appendix to the album as with their stage repertoire, enforces my theory that the album is devoid of any surprise element.  Its total omission from recorded work would surely have been a shrewd move to preserve as a stage favourite what is is basically a pretty shoddy song.  

Despite misgivings I probably like this album more than I care to admit to the live audience in from of whom this review was typed.



  1. Hiya Dan, good to see you've been able to use the pieces. There's no need to copyright them in my name, though. It's not my writing and not my magazine. I'm just sharing scans from copies I am lucky to still have. Hopefully somebody else with additional material will be able to send you some more in. There must surely be a review of Stuff The Superstars in one or more issues of City Fun out there.

  2. Long ago, back in 1981, pre mobile phones and smartphones,
    the lyric for Waiting For Lorraine rang true (pun intended) for so many.

    If she doesn't phone, I won't bother, I've better things to do with my time!!

    When you were a teenager waiting for your Mum and Dad's phone to ring, hoping it was "the girl of your dreams" on the line.

  3. I was 14 years old when I bought this album. It is still one of my favourite LPs. I also have Boys Don't Cry on 7inch single. Why is this classic album not available on CD when so much rubbish form the 8os is?

    Waiting For Lorraine and Leave You To Dream deserve a Cd release.
    As does the whole LP. A classic from a classic era of punk,new wave.

  4. Your wish is (hopefully) our command in the form of the forthcoming Distractions compilation. Watch this space...


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