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Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The most amazing record - Drowned in Sound

There's a funny little review of the lead track off the Come Home EP on the influential Drowned in Sound website this week.  In the Worth a Swizz! section of the singles reviews, we have the following:

The Distractions - ‘Lost’ (Occultation, listen/watch here)

The Distractions were once on Factory and split up before a great deal of you were even born.  Now they are backbackBACK on Occultation Records, who have promised not to put a hex on me even though I have given them my address for the purposes of sending me records.  THEY KNOW WHERE I LIVE.  Which makes ‘Lost’ the most amazing record I ever heard, in like, my whole life. 

Quite!  The Distractions have previously featured at Drowned in Sound where Mike was interviewed in a Time Goes By So Slow article, and also when New Order bass player, Steve Morris, selected FAC 12 for his Factory Records mixtape:  "Great pop band, this track sounds like something straight off Nuggets or some other 60s psych collection.  Mike Finney was a kind of Martin Fry-style spangly frontman and they had a girl bass player."

Drowned in Sound, 26 January 2009. (c) Drowned in Sound.

There's also another review at the Norman Records blog, which, although perhaps not as glowing as previous ones, is complementary enough - and there's no arguments about being placed alongside the Railway Children and The Sound!

3*: Come Home! by The Distractions

Brian gave this 3/5.

It’s odd when these lost 80s indie bands start reforming. They never seem to manage to recapture the magic of their earlier output.  Be it they’ve had families, been in jail, got into smack, become bus drivers or neuroscientists or simply sat in the pub all day like Gazza.  I don’t know bugger all about these lot.  They apparently had a single on Factory once.  But didn’t Crawling Chaos?  Don’t see them throwing a glossy 12″ at us anytime soon.  This three track record has a very polished sheen, a rather MOR gait & a worthy stance.  I’m being diplomatic here, but when Phil mentioned Lloyd Cole he wasn’t actually too far from the mark.  It’s all very well executed & they are consummate musicians to boot.  The singer sounds like he’s really putting his all in.  This ain’t my bag.  For old Railway Children fans and possibly lovers of later works by The Sound?  Ant says his Dad may like this.  Which gives you an idea of the more mature market this should be aimed at…

Many thanks to Drowned in Sound and Norman Records for the mentions.


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