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Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enter Castle Perilous

While we await the eagerly anticipated Distractions compilation album followed by a new album in 2011, here are details of the next record on Occultation Recordings (which also features two of the newer Distractions).

Enter Castle Perilous is the first album by Factory Star, the latest Occultation signing led by Fall and Blue Orchids founder Martin Bramah. The album, produced by Nick Halliwell (The Granite Shore; guitars and vocals on the Come Home EP and author of Oil Painting) and engineered by Richard Turvey (The Wild Swans; piano and organ on Lost and Nicole), was recorded in just three days in January 2011.  It is raw and articulate, the sound of a band captured red in tooth and claw.

Advance ordering will start in the Occultation Shop in March who should receive copies of the album before the end of that month.  Enter Castle Perilous is released on both vinyl and CD; both editions come in full-colour heavy-duty 350gsm outer sleees with inner sleeves and there will be a special price at which both editions can be bought together.  More details to follow.

Track listing and credits:

Side one: 1. Angel Steps 2. Big Mill 3. Away Dull Care 4. Cheetham Bill 5. Black Comic Book

Side two: 1. When Sleep Won't Come 2. The Fall Of Great Britain 3. New Chemical Light 4. Stone Tumbling Stream 5. Arise Europa!

Martin Bramah: vocals & guitar

Hop Man Jr.: keyboards

Chris Dutton: bass

Tom Lewis: drums

All songs written by Martin Bramah, except Angel Steps and New Chemical Light written by Martin Bramah and Ann Matthews. Music arranged by Factory Star.

Produced by Nick Halliwell. Engineered by Richard Turvey, Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, 15th-17th January 2011.

Backing vocals and hand claps: Ann, Nick, Hop Man, Chris ‘n’ Tom.

Mixed by Nick Halliwell and Martin Bramah at The Hidden Room, Exeter, 22nd-23rd January 2011.

Mastered and cut by John Dent at Loud Mastering, Taunton.

Sleeve photos by Jim Donnelly.

Sleeve layout by Andy Chambers.

Nick and Richard (and Parr Street Studios) feature in the Lost video below, and you can find Oil Painting and more of Nick's songs at the Occultation SoundCloud page.


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