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Welcome to the official Distractions website. We will be aiming to record the history of one of the greatest, but least heralded, of all Manchester beat groups.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

In the can

A handful of days and The Distractions' second album has been recorded. Like label mates, Manchester's Factory Star, the chaps don't mess around these days - Mancunian work ethic, anyone? (Although with Mike Kellie, Arash Torabi and Nick Halliwell on board, Stockport's finest are in the minority.) We'll bring you more on how the sessions went, including some great photos, but first here's a mini-diary of the sessions:

Day -2:  
Steve Perrin - Two days to go and band members still in three different countries.

Day 0:  
SP - Acoustic run-throughs going well.

Day 1:  
SP - Day one went very well. Four basic tracks done.
Nick Halliwell - We almost got five. That's on day one which included a couple of hours set-up time. We don't muck about in this band...  

Day 2:  
SP - Day two started with a moment of panic when Nick's guitar wouldn't work but tension was broken by a Bo Diddley version of the album's most sensitive ballad and visits from David Quantick and our old Island pal Neil Storey. 
Neil Storey - Everyone in cracking form. Kellie drumming up a storm and Finney / Perrin have become the Morecombe and Wise of Exeter! Sixth song today being worked on now - all sounding really good.
NH - We got six more rhythm tracks done today, one more to do tomorrow then we'll see where we are.

Day 3:
Arash Torabi - Looking forward to another day in the studio with The Distractions.
NH - We went all Fleetwood Mac and spent a whole two hours on the final track on Saturday morning. As we had a bit of time in hand we decided to knock off acoustic versions of three of the songs.
SP - Last day for Mike Kellie and Arash, both of whom performed at the peak of their powers. All backing tracks completed. Tomorrow is vocals day. Mike and Nick are getting early nights while I am going on an epic bender around the hot spots of Exeter.

Day 4:
SP - Woke up and could not find trousers. Had an argument with a seagull. Told Mike I had been up all night rewriting the lyrics to all the songs. Mike appears to be having a breakdown.
SP - Final day finished. Rather emotional for various reasons. Tracks include the first Distractions duet (me and Mike on one of Nick's songs... it is not a good idea to follow Mike into the vocal booth). We have suffered for our art. Soon it will be your turn... 

SP - Time to break camp and head out of town... sincere appreciation to Nick for making the seemingly impossible happen. Over and out.
NH - Messrs Finney and Perrin have left the building.
Mike Finney - Back to normal... if it all really happened. Huge thanks to Nick and family for putting up with me for the week, to Arash and Kellie, to Neil and David. Can't wait to hear one all the way through!


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